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We want to help all of our investors enjoy the benefits of passive income through multifamily investing. Your investing goals are our mission.
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High-Quality Multifamily Investment Opportunities

Dependable passive income investing

As a real estate syndication firm, our main objective at Antler Capital is to protect our investors capital while providing them with high yield returns. Carefully examining all risks and rewards on each property, we make sure to maximize on all our returns while lowering any amount of risk. You work hard, your money should too!
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A Real Estate Syndication Firm

Similar to the crowdfunding model, real estate syndication allows for investors to pool their funds together to invest in a property together. This eliminates the hassle of having to manage the property yourself while also giving you the opportunity to invest in other properties as well, diversifying your multifamily portfolio. It's our risk, your reward.
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Creating Generational Wealth

what benefits are in multifamily investing?


Historically, multifamily properties have outperformed the S&P 500 for years. While risk is involved with any investment, investing in multifamily provides a more stable return than the stock market.

Cash Flow

Since there are multiple tenants within a multifamily unit, you have the benefit of consistent cash flow. This is the true definition of passive income. Enjoy the results without the extra work.


With a real estate syndication, you are able to invest quickly into other assets that we offer. This allows you to diversify your portfolio with many different multifamily units.

tax benefits

With investing in multifamily, you receive tax advantages through depreciation which is a true benefit since you never have to even manage the properties yourself!

Our Strategy On Acquiring Profitable Properties

Just because a property is available does not make it a good buy for us at Antler Capital. We make sure that property not only makes sense to us but to our future investors as well. Location is everything. A multifamily unit is not good if there is no one in the area; therefore, choosing the right location is just a piece of our criteria.
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long-term returns for our investors

Investing shouldn't have to be difficult which is why Antler Capital simplifies it in 3 simple steps

We buy

We find the deals that will make the best returns for our investors. Your success is our success!

we manage

We manage the property to make sure everything runs smoothly for the tenants while making sure our investors are in the loop 100%.

you invest & Get paid

As an accredited investor you'll invest with other investors into the property of your choosing that we have available. We pay out cash distributions to our investors on a monthly basis.

multifamily investing - the better way to grow your wealth & achieve financial security

Join Antler Capital and start investing today. You've always worked hard for your money, let your money work hard for you!
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